Invitation to a photographic dream – Illusion Show 8

Illusion 8 by beatsphotodotcom2015-05-16_190729

Event: Invitation to a photographic dream.

Illusion has given an invaluable supportive environment to grow a large number of artists with different skills, and to experiment with ways to interactively involve the public. The energy of Illusion show is an explosion of creativity and community charged with life. So many people from various ages have been comfortable together, creating, enjoying, and being in a positive space together. Illusion, with its white walls that come to life with intentions and interactions, is a beautiful metaphor for each day and moment of this passionate life that we have the luck to live.”

The Images presented are part of the project “Invitation to a photographic dream”, by Marc Hors (photographer) who invite all the people who visited Illusion Show 8, to be part of his images, projecting those on the bodies of the visitors and print them right away to convert the dream in a physical and palpable moment.

Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts
San Francisco, CA

NOTE: For those interested to acquire images, please contact Marc Hors for specific information.

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