Día de Muertos (Photo Booth)

Día de Muertos celebration at the San Francisco Symphony, (Photo Booth portraits)

Here we come with some of the best Photo Booth shots during Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebration at the San Francisco Symphony.

If you are interested in your digital copy of the photographs, please follow those 2 easy steps.
1/ Take a picture with your phone of the print you got at the SF Symphony Photo Booth.
2/ Write an email to Marc Hors attaching the photograph, so he can find out who you are. After, you can request your digital copy.

Digital copies are free!!

Maybe you are interested in paper prints, like the one you got at the SF Symphony.
Follow the same instructions but just indicate you like to receive the paper print version.
You can choose the same format you got at the symphony (3 Pictures in one print) or a specific picture of the three shots.
Paper print cost is 5$ each (4″x6″)
Large prints are also available, like:
8″x 12″ = $15 c/u
12″x 18″ = $30 c/u
Even larger? no problem, let us know what you like giving us a call (415) 513 9663 or by email.

You can make your payment by Paypal or Quick Pay Service (QPS)

Thanks for your beautiful smiles, sympathy and of course, bones.

All photographs in this gallery are subject to copyrights of © BeatsPhoto.com and are protected by the Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code) and by the Berne Convention. Reproduction, storage or transmittal by any means, of any image on this web site, whole or in part, is prohibited without express prior written permission. Prints purchased from this gallery may not be reproduced or scanned for any reason and may only be used for personal display. If you wish to publish or reproduce the materials in any physical or digital form or use them for any commercial purpose, including display or Web page use, you must obtain prior written permission from the photographer listed above.

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